The Magic of Human Connection is a movement.

We believe that there are infinite possibilities in relating and simple tools to access this untapped potential.

We believe that you deserve to feel amazing about yourself; confident, loved and celebrated as you move through the world and we believe that meaningful interactions are possible wherever you go.

We believe you are a magnificent gift to the world and to remember that we need to be celebrated in community.

We believe that love is the most powerful force their is.

We believe that love exists everywhere - waiting to be expressed.

We believe in being love activists.

The magic of human connection is a one-of-a-kind adventure into the heart of love.

We believe that feeling alive, loved and confident within yourself is the most powerful medicine to fully live and experience your best life here on earth.

We believe that it’s time to break free out of the limiting boxes of interaction that create disconnection and isolation in our culture.

We believe that a smile has the power to change the world.

We believe that everyone is powerful, everyone has super powers, everyone is a healer.

We believe that underneath it all there’s always love.

We believe in having fun.

We believe in celebrating this moment.

We believe in celebrating each other and being celebrated without the need to perform or earn approval -  being seen as the magnificent person that we are in each and every moment.

We believe that connection is simple, powerful and transformational.

We believe connection can happen in an instant and is available to everyone all the time.

We believe that this is what the world needs more of.

We believe there’s a transformation in relating and in the social landscape of our world that is ripe and waiting to happen.

We believe in opting out of the culture of isolation and disconnection and joining the paradigm of being fully alive, empowered, sharing your gifts and your love boldly bravely and passionately with the world.

We believe that play and love and presence are the best medicines.

We believe that the key to self-love is simple but without it life is meaningless.

We believe the way you do one thing is the way you do everything and when you change the way that you relate to yourself and relate to the world you change your whole life.

We believe that everyone has a brilliant destiny to fully express their greatness and magnificence to live there full embodied experience of life.

We believe that Joy is the best medicine.

We believe that every day should be filled with love, joy and appreciation celebration.

We believe that knowing who you are, feeling fully loved and connected to yourself is the best gift you can give yourself.

We believe that connection is the glue of life.

We believe the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. 

We believe that more is possible and we are committed to discovering it and living it.

We believe the world is hungry for a new paradigm of relating that is not shallow, superficial and judgment based but is deep, passionate and enriching for everyone involved.

We believe that people want this and just haven’t found it yet.

We believe that love is our true nature.

We believe that love transforms the world.

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"Life changing"

“She’s a complete HIT... and in my opinion, she is the most engaging playshop leader in Los Angeles,”

“The most brilliant introductory experiential workshop that I have ever experienced in the past 6 years that I have been a fan of such work bar none.”

"This was an epic, extraordinary experience that really viscerally showed me what LOVE is."

"I've never felt more in love with a group of people and with myself."

“One of the most profound and beautiful experiences of my life!” 

"I honestly and full heartedly feel that I have been rebirthed with so much love and presence activation."

“An absolutely brilliant workshop creator and facilitator"

"An incredible, memorable, transformative experience."